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Now what I’m about to say might offend people *fingers crossed*. So I’ll start with this disclaimer. I love animals. Take cows for example. I love the silly colours they come in, I like their cute vocal “moo,” I like the way they scare easily and I especially love the way they smell on a BBQ and that delicious taste in my mouth. I guess a lot of cute furry animals could come under the above description. However, recently I came across a “hunter” who preceded to tell me about his latest “kill.” Clearly, this guy was off his freaking rocker. (more…)


We're under attack by Seagulls... bailing out.

We’re under attack by Seagulls… bailing out.

As an Australian tax payer, I have an obligation to whinge about how my tax dollars are spent. So when I heard my government had agreed to spend 12 billion dollars on 58 paper planes called Joint Strike Fighters, I was somewhat aggrieved. I say “paper” because the decision to proceed was made back when the JSF was just a finger painting at a child care centre.

Here’s how the process goes:

U.S. Military Sales Rep: “We’re developing a new military aircraft called the F-35 JSF”
Australian Minister of Defence: “We’ll take 25!” (more…)